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Home Security System


The Strobe Security System is a complete wireless security system for your home or office that you can install in only minutes. This system provides you and your family with the same security and peace of mind found in professionally installed security systems but at a fraction of the cost. The motion detector can detect motion from up to 30 feet away. If not disarmed by the owner using one of the two included remote controls, it will respond with an ear piercing alarm and flashing light. The glass break sensors will detect the vibration caused from someone attempting to break in through a window.


  • 2 remote controls
  • 2 glass break sensors that lets the neighborhood know if someone breaks a window
  • 1 motion sensor that detects movement and sounds an alarm and flashes a strobe light if it sees someone who should not be there
  • 1 keychain remote control to turn the system on and off
  • 1 remote alarm that can be mounted outside or inside that flashes lights and sounds an alarm when any of the sensors are tripped
  • 1 panic button to carry with you and leave by the bed at night. Push the button in an emergency and the alarm goes off even is the system is not activated
  • For permanent installation: optional adjustable mounting brackets and screws for the motion detector and external siren.